Hazrat Moulana Mufti Shah Zafar Ahmad Damat Barkatum Khalifah of Arif Billah

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01. [01-11-14] Muslimabad

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01. [20-10-14] Before Esha

download 2 MB 8:45 min
02. [20-10-14] After Esha

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03. [17-10-14] Juma

download 7.3 MB 32:02 min
04. [25-09-14] Masik Estema

download 23.5 MB 102:36 min
05. [31-08-14] Jatrabari-1

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06. (09-05-14) Juma, Kathmundu Jame Masjid, Nepal

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07. (07-05-14) Kathmondu Khanqah, Nepal

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08. [18-02-14] Minister Bari, Vandaria, Pirozpur

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09. [02-02-14] Baitunnur Madrasa, Jatrabari

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10. [03-02-14] Before Esha

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Khotme Bukhari [18-05-14] Halima Sadia Mohila Madrasa, Voirob

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[06-06-14] Juma, Chatirchor, Ruhitpur, Keranigonj

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[07-06-14] Muslimabad

download 18.3 MB 80:00 min
[09-06-14] After Esha

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[09-06-14] Before Esha

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[13-06-14] Juma

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[23-05-14] Juma, Nator

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[29-05-14] Masik Estema

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Following passage is taken from book 'The Way to Happy Marriage Life' by Hazrat Maulana Shah Hakeem Muhammad Akhtar Saheb (damat barkatuhum)

The next Hadith is:
إِنَّ أَعْظَمَ النِّكَاحِ بَرَكَةً أَيْسَرُهُ مَؤُْنَة

“The most blessed Nikah is the one in which least expenses are incurred, and is simple.”

Allah Ta’ala has put blessing in simplicity, but nowadays the weddings have to be in halls and thousands of people are invited for meals. Food is served in buffet style, free intermingling of sexes, various types of food is served, music is blaring loudly, photos are taken with the bride being displayed on the stage, if possible then the whole wedding is also put on video etc.

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